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          Consulting service hotline :



          contact information

          Company: Foshan Xing'an Laser Technology Co., Ltd
          Address: North of linyue Avenue, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
          Telephone: 0757-63218968
          E-mail: dingjun123456@126.com

          Why is laser marking machine easy to type?


          1、 The lenses are dirty and stained

          As long as some cotton sticks are used to dip some alcohol on them, and then the lenses, beam expanders and focus lenses of the marking machine are scrubbed to remove the stains on them, the problem of shallow typing can be solved naturally.

          2、 The light path deviated

          In this case, it is necessary to re adjust the light path to restore it to the best state.

          3、 The marking speed is too fast and the filling method is unreasonable

          In this case, the marking speed can be reduced and the original filling mode can be adjusted. In addition, the focus should be adjusted again to determine whether the workpiece is in the upper position.

          4、 Current problems of laser marking machine

          If the power supply current of the equipment is too small, it will also affect the depth of the characters or patterns marked. At this time, the current of the laser power supply should be increased to reduce the frequency of the marking machine, so that the marking machine can operate normally and avoid the situation of too shallow words on the marking.

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